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Which programme of study (bilingual English-German or monolingual English-only) are you interested in?

Bilingual = approx. 50% of the lessons are taught in German; curriculum is based on a blend of the local Berlin curriculum framework (Berliner Rahmenlehrplan) merged with the frameworks of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO).

Monolingual = all lessons are taught through the medium of English except for the mandatory German lessons; curriculum is based on the frameworks of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO).

Clarify if necessary

This must correspond to the child’s age and may be corrected by Berlin British School

Siblings / Geschwisterkinder

Be advised that any information provided on siblings in this section only serves the purpose of information. If you wish to apply for more than one child, please submit seperate application forms for each of your children, respectively.

Bitte Beachten Sie, dass jedwede Angabe von Geschwisterkindern reinen Informationszwecken dient und nicht als seperate Bewerbung. Sollten Sie mehrere Kinder an unserer Einrichtung anmelden wollen, so füllen Sie bitte eine entsprechende Bewerbung für das jeweilige Kind aus.

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If your child has already attended school(s) please give details below / Vorherige Schulen

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Please note that as part of the application process BBS may contact the above named schools and request copies of reports and/or completion of a pre-admission questionnaire. Als Teil des Anmeldeverfahrens behalten wir uns vor, die o.g. Schulen wegen der Zeugnisse oder anderer Referenzen anzuschreiben.

Please specify the year group/ grade as well as educational programme attended thusfar (e.g. British, International, German, etc.)